Top Ten Tuesday, April 26


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list. This week’s topic’s is Top Ten Bookworm Delights! This is my first one ever and I’m excited for more!

1. Finding books you were looking for on a flee market

There is nothing better then going to a flee market and finding books! I love flee markets. Mostly I come back with more Harry Potter books, because apparently people don’t want to keep them anymore? Which breaks my heart a little, because it’s Harry Potter! My love for flee markets is really strong, because I love to find new books and books I was actually looking for. Plus, they’re really cheap!

2. Books in my favorite color

I love blue and when I find blue books my heart melts. Blue books are so beautiful. What am I saying? Every color of a book is beautiful. I love bright colored books. Sadly, I don’t have a lot of them, because most of my books are black.


3. Getting one of my friends to read a series I love

This is a funny story actually. Last year one of my good friends started reading Harry Potter and whenever something happened she would text me and I was like: oh gosh, I can’t tell spoilers now. So some things went south with Sirius and she said: I hope nothing happens with Remus and I’m so glad he’s still here and I was whispering no to my phone. I couldn’t tell spoilers, could I? Anyway, it’s fantastic to talk about series you’ve both read.

4. Shipping characters

I ship a lot. I ship characters and robots and plants and animals, basically everything. Even my teachers. (Funny story, they got married eventually!) Whenever I read a book I just can’t not ship characters. I will aggressively ship them, even when they won’t become canon. Even from beyond the grave. Even when they hate each other. Especially when they hate each other!



The best thing ever: buying new books. I tend not to buy a lot of books, because I’m unemployed at the moment, but I love it. Whenever I visit a bookstore or search online my hands start to itch and I just want to grab all of them and never leave. However I have to control myself. Well, at least a few times a year. 😉

6. New book boyfriends

Fill this under another best thing. Swooning over new book boyfriends is great. It’s a little piece of heaven. The only thing you’re wandering, is why he’s not real. Perhaps one day.

7. Crying over a book

I usually hate to cry over a book. Mostly because probably one of my favorite characters dies. It sucks. They didn’t deserve it. But, at times it makes the story so beautiful. If I cry over a book it means I absolutely love the story.

8. Mentions of my country in a book

The Netherlands is a small country, most of us agree. It makes my day if it gets mentioned in a book. It’s usually for the weed, but hey, my country was there, right? Sometimes I even learn new things, which is really fun.

9. Friends getting ripped apart by a book

I told you so.

10. Reading all day

Who doesn’t love that? I could lay down all day and read a book. If I finish it is another question, because I’m a slow reader.

What is one of your bookworm delights?


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2 gedachtes over “Top Ten Tuesday, April 26

  1. Nathalie zegt:

    OMG this is fun! I really like to get book recommendations (especially by you!) so when I start reading the book I have you to share it with.
    One of my bookworm delights is also rereading my favourite books. I think we should totally reread Harry Potter this year, don’t you think?


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