Pros and cons of being a slow reader


First of all: happy mother’s day! We’re having a party today, because it’s me and my sisters’ birthday tomorrow. Double festivities. 🙂

I am a slow reader. That’s a fact. I’ve always been. I just need to read the story out loud in my head, if that makes sense? I’ve always done that and I’m working on changing it. Because of me being a slow reader, I wanted to make a list of pros and cons.


The story lasts longer

There are people who read a book in a day. I envy you. I wish I could do it, but sadly I can’t. Instead of being sad, I’m thinking in possibilities. I can practically hear my dad scream: think in possibilities! If I read slower, it means the story lasts longer. I have more days to enjoy it.

Allowing my mind to drift

Whenever I’m knee deep into something, my mind wanders. I sometimes forget to read further, because my mind is drifting in the world of the story. This tends to make me slow. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

You get to take in every part of the book

Being a slow reader, usually means you read every word. This will result in understanding the story better and grasping more of the story. It takes time to get into a book and reading it over a period of time, gives you that chance. It gives you the chance to get a relationship with the book.


Too many books to read

Let’s be honest. My TBR is enormous. My May TBR was also a little bit too ambitious, knowing that I have finals and am a slow reader. Your TBR just piles up. You see a book and think: ‘hey, that looks really good I want to read it’ and then BAM you’re 100 books later and it just keeps on getting higher and higher. You just finished a book and keep on adding more books, but then you remember you’re a slow reader and kind of panic, because how are you going to finish all these books? That’s my actual thought process.

It takes longer to finish a book

This can be so annoying, because you just want to finish a book and start with another, but it just takes forever to finish one. I have goals about how many pages I want to read a day. Actual goals. When I don’t finish them in one day, I’m sad. So, sometimes I’m still reading around midnight just because I have to achieve my goal. The dedication is real.

Tell me. Are you a slow reader or a fast reader?


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