Top Ten Tuesday, May 10


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list. This week’s topic’s is Ten Eight Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books.

1. Tumblr

Let’s be real here. I’m way too many times on Tumblr. I probably even sleep there. Tumblr is one of my favorite websites. I scream about my OTPs and cry about my favorite characters’ deaths. There are so many fandoms there and I love it. It’s a hole where we all cry and curse tv show writers. It’s fantastic.

2. Goodreads

Even though I use the website way more often than the actual website, I still love it. I use the website when I write reviews, as it’s easier to edit with HTML. Goodreads is amazing and I’m so glad I found it years ago.

3. Twitter

What better way is there to share tweets about teachers who got married and about annoying classmates sneezing during an important class? I share my wildest thoughts there.

4. Pinterest

I’d never used Pinterest before, but I found it a few months ago. Pinterest is amazing for creating aesthetic moodboards and I love it.

5. Facebook

The reason why I visit it as much as I do, is because when I’m bored at school I want to have something to do. I almost never post something there, but I’m lurking.


Where do I know that actor from? What movies has he played in? It’s basically like that. I’m that person that has to look an actor up during a movie.

7. Archive of Our Own/

Hello, fanfiction, my good old friend. I don’t visit it as frequently as I used to, due to lack of time.

8. Netflix

Just one word: heaven.

What are some of your favorite sites?

Twitter Pinterest Goodreads E-Mail Bloglovin Bloglovin


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