Books I’ve read in high school and sometimes still miss

It is Tuesday and Tuesday doesn’t mean #TransformationTuesday, it means Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list. This week’s topic is Back to School and I wanted to look back and see what I’ve read in high school, since I’m starting college next week.


1. The Hunger Games

What a surprise?!?! No, not really. I was obsessed. Me and my friends, at the time, even went to the premiere in our local cinema. I loved The Hunger Games so much.


2. Twilight

I was such a big fan. My whole room was covered in posters and stickers and what not. I loved Twilight. Still do, though. It was my youth.


3. Water for Elephants

This book ripped me apart. Literally. My gosh, this was so beautiful. I highly recommend it and the movie is equally beautiful.


4. Gone

At the time, you got Gone, Twilight and The Hunger Games together as a package deal. Amazing, right? I liked Gone, but thought it was vague and couldn’t really get into it. Still, it made me curious about the sequels. After five years, I still haven’t read them… Shame on me.


5. Vampire Academy

The good old days. I borrowed them from a friend her mom and took them all with me on vacation and I loved them so much. Dimitri, thank you for existing. ❤


6. Divergent

I was in high school quite a long time, so Divergent still counts. Just rip me apart again.


7. Marked

I own, in fact, four books of the House of Night series. I loved the first four, but after that, I kind of quite. Okay, I’ve read eight or nine, but I couldn’t get myself to finish the series.


8. Fallen

This was nice. Daniel was more than nice. I just noticed there are 6 books in this series! I should get back to it.


9. Shiver

My friend at the time was like: NIENKE YOU NEED TO READ THIS. SAM’S AMAZING! And I was like: who’s Sam?
So, I did read it and Sam is amazing! 😀


10. The Fault in Our Stars

Just rip me apart already.

What books did you read in high school? Did you find one of your favorite books at the time?


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