Characters I Would Name My Future Pets and Children After

This topic is so nice! I’m actually really excited about this one. Can you imagine, like 15 years into the future, we’re calling Harry, Ron and Hermione downstairs for a bedtime story. I can! I’m like smirking here, because that’s such a great plan, haha. I’m going to mix this with pet names, because I have no idea what my future will be like. Perhaps I have ten cats and 6 dogs and 4 children. It’s a surprise.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we get a new topic for a top 10 list. This week’s topic is characters’ I’d name my children/pets/anyone after.


  • Luna – I absolutely love Luna’s name and would definitely name my child after that. It’s also perfect for a dog or cat. Luna is just such a beautiful name.
  • Luce – Personally, I know a Luce. I love her name and it’d be a great name for a child. I’m not sure if I would name a pet after Luce.
  • Jace – Doesn’t Jace have a wonderful name? Are there a lot of Jaces out there? I should look it up. Even though Jace and I had difficulties in the beginning, I do love his name. Imagine when I’m walking my dog and I’m screaming Jace and everyone who’s read The Mortal Instruments is like: WAIT WHAT WHERE?!
  • Clary – The Mortal Instruments is full of wonderful names. Great job, Cassandra! Kudos for you. Clary’s name is beautiful!
  • Lou – Ah, Lou. I love everything about Lou and so I also love her name. Definitely name a child after that. I mean, look how beautiful her name is.
  • Cath – As in Cather. Not Catherine. Or just Cath. I’d name a child after that. You can count on that. If this list keeps going I have to have a lot of children.
  • Levi – I need to remember this post, because Levi would be a perfect dog name. …And now I want a dog.


  • Feyre – I mean, hello?! Feyre’s name is everything. I hadn’t heard it before and gah I love it so much. Child’s name. I now have a lot of children.
  • Eleanor – So prettyyyy. I love Eleanor. I would name my pets and children Eleanor.
  • Emma – I know it’s one of the simpler names, but it has its flair. I would name my child Emma. Or my pet. Or my laptop. It’s a pretty name.

If you could name someone after a character, which name would you pick?




6 gedachtes over “Characters I Would Name My Future Pets and Children After

  1. Nathalie zegt:

    What a great question! Luna is cool, I really loved her as a character and I wouldn’t mind having a kid like Luna 😀
    I think the HP-series really had a lot of cool names like Sirius, Remus, Lily…

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