What Have I Been Up To?


As you may have noticed I was kind of MIA lately. I wasn’t here as much as I wanted to and I didn’t really put any work in my bookstagram, which is insane, because I love doing that. University is very busy, especially this time of the year, because we’re at the end of the term and that means STRESS and DEADLINES. Unfortunately, that’s why it’s so quiet here and on Instagram and in my reading process and tv shows. Therefor, damn me.

Because of it, I wanted to make this blogpost and inform you on my life, which is so exciting… *uhum* No, but I wanted to make this kind of an annual thing. So whenever I’m MIA, I can just talk about train conversations or whatever that is happening right now. It’s like a win-win situation. You get to know me and I get to keep my blog up. Deal? Okay, deal.

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November TBR + more

Just to introduce myself: I’m Nienke! In case you’ve forgotten, because I’m not here as often as I’d hoped. University is insane. Yeah, insane. It’s so busy and I have to travel quite a bit, too. We have quite a lot of assignments and sometimes we just don’t have enough time to finish them. It’s a mess. Sometimes I wish I could just breathe for a few days. Unfortunately, I just have to wait two more weeks.

Let’s dive into my TBR for November. It’s a big pile. *uhum*

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