Happy 1st Blogversary to The Daily Planets (!!!)

My baby turned one yesterday. Due to partying all day and night (read: being too tired to actually write a post) we’re celebrating it the day after. I always refer to my blog as my tiny child, since I have to take care of it and it’s growing every day.


What I’ve Learned:

  • It’s okay to not read. Last year I’ve read around 50 books and it’s been kind of hectic. Whenever I was busy with school, I started stressing because I had to read x amount of pages. I was also stressing about school, so you can imagine that that wasn’t a good combination. It’s totally okay to not read. You aren’t pressured to do that. Right now, one year later, I’ve read 5 books, just because I don’t have the time and that’s okay.
  • Asking questions rewards. I was always afraid to ask questions, still sort of am, but joining the book community was really new to me. Everyone around me was doing their thing and I didn’t really know what to do or how or what to expect. When I didn’t know something, for example how arcs worked, I asked. It’s so much more rewarding to hear it from someone who understand than to to figure it out years later.
  • It takes a lot of time. People who say blogging is easy and maintaining a bookstagram at the same time is simple, are wrong. It takes a lot of time and it’s hard work. Sometimes I even underestimated that. Probably why I kind of neglected my blog, since I was so busy with uni and hadn’t thought about planning my blog around that.

What I’m Thankful For:

  • You guys. I love the interacting and the discussions about books. My first year in stats so far:
    – 1002 views on WordPress
    – 341 visitors on WordPress
    – 18 followers on WordPress
    – 295 followers on Twitter
    – 522 followers on Instagram
  • The friendships. I got in touch with a view people through Instagram and Twitter and one of them I’ve actually met and we still talk daily. One of them I talk to regularly and I’m so grateful I got to know them. It’s so amazing to get to know all of you!
  • The mutual love for books. At home I can’t really talk about books, since my family doesn’t read that much and doesn’t read YA, that’s why I joined the book community. I absolutely love the mutual love for books and the raving and fangirling. Besides, you can finally talk about books. 🙂

Future Goals:

  • Read more literature. I usually stick to YA and fantasy and I want to read more classics and literature. Something with widen your horizons.
  • Blog more. Whenever things get busy at school, I drop my blogging habit. I need to plan better and make both things work. My blog is important, too, and right now I’m more active on Instagram.
  • Read more blogs. To be honest, I don’t read any blogs right now, just because I don’t have the time and energy. I do want to read more blogs.

Thank you for making this a special and booked year and here’s to another great year!



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